Consumables for metallography  ​

  • Diamond pastes
  • Diamond suspensions
  • Oxide suspensions
  • Diamond powder
  • Polishing discs
  • Lubricants
  • Mounting

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Diamond suspensions

Own manufacture makes it possible to provide for an accurate calibration of grain size which in turn ensures high-quality results of surface processing and reproducible results of polishing.

Water based diamond suspensions ensure fast removal of materials. These suspensions can be used in both manual and automatic modes.

Organic based diamond 
suspensions allow to polish hydroscopic and non-waterproof materials. These suspensions can be used both manually
mode and automatically.

Our specialist created multi-layer polishing discs for each suspension that give a great result together.

 Diamond suspension SD-W 0,25

Water based diamond suspension of normal concentration in grain size 0.25 micron is friendly to the environment that is used for fast and accurate finishing.

Supplied in a plastic container of 200 ml, 500ml or 1 L.


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